Mini Portable Air Conditioner

$45.00 $37.99


  • Personal Cooling in Seconds: The LBG Products air cooler features misting, an evaporative cooling pad and a cooler fan that turns heat into an instantly refreshing breeze. its super-powerful fan delivers a refreshing breeze, even from a meter away. This Portable air cooler is designed to cool a personal space, not an entire room.
  • Innovative Ultrasonic Atomization: The LBG Products portable misting cooler fan boasts a groundbreaking ultrasonic atomizer that produces 20x larger micron-level mist than products that use micro-hole atomizers. This technology brings you a skin-friendly breeze in the summer and gentle misting humidifier in the winter. 
  • Breeze Mode: Simply press the fan button to enter breeze mode (fan speed 1 + mist speed 2) where the perfectly balanced breeze and mist will bring refreshing comfort. for added convenience, you can set the device to run for 1, 2 or 4 hours with its timer function.
  • 3-in-1 Versatility: This multifunctional misting cooler combines a portable fan, mist sprayer humidifier and air cooler. These features can be used independently or simultaneously for a superior cooling experience. With 2 mist levels and 3 fan speeds available, you can customize your cooling.